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WE DO THE MATH LOGO 300dpi.png
Brand Name/Tagline: WE Do the Math®
Toll-Free Vanity Number: 1-800-CPA-MATH

The battle for brand awareness and consumer acceptance has escalated to a fever pitch. When you consider that the average consumer is bombarded by more than 3,000 messages every day, ranging from TV, radio and newspaper ads to electronic billboards you realize the necessity for your brand (your company’s identity) to rise above the clutter and confusion.

Considering the shortage of memorable brand messages and client-centric names for CPA firms, a compelling brand name/tagline can make all the difference in whether your company’s identity will impact the public consciousness. A compelling brand name/tagline embodies personality, culture and value. It is strategic in sight and sound. It positions you above the noise.

The simple and infectious brand name/tagline WE Do the Math® employs the inherent clout of familiarity to send a powerful message that is positively memorable by playing off the ubiquitous catchphrase, “Do the Math.” WE Do the Math® boldly reinforces the “basic” tenets upon which the accounting profession was founded: to “do the math,” and serve as trusted advisors. The WE Do the Math® brand package was created as a definitive declaration of accountability to instantly communicate the nature of the profession while conveying promise, personality and performance.

WE Do the Math® offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a powerful catchphrase and stand head and shoulders above the competition. WE Do the Math® is right on the money in its message and ability to stimulate recall, reaction and word-of-mouth by piggybacking on an expression that is embedded in the American vernacular.

The indelible brand name/tagline WE Do the Math®, along with the rare toll-free vanity number 1-800-CPA-MATH and matching domains, is available to empower a progressive CPA firm(s) or franchise that wants to leverage their brand and march to the tune of a different accountant by offering every convenient consumer revenue generating access channel.

WE Do the Math® can be tailored to:

  • Promote an existing CPA firm

  • Become the catalyst for a startup

  • Operate as a shared-use program for local, regional or national firms or franchises

  • Act as a C2C or B2B portal for a group of firms or the entire CPA profession

  • Creatively bolster recruitment efforts, entice student awareness and more 


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