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The one-of-a-kind BloomService® brand marketing properties offer every memorable revenue-generating channel available and include a registered brand name (and indelible logo icon) for BloomService®, a rare, global toll-free vanity number 1-800-IN-BLOOM, a registered trademark for the tagline The Floral Majority®, Delivering a Higher Standard and all corresponding Internet domains.

In this day & age, it’s all about INSTANT brand resonance: the fastest, most cost-efficient way to implant and franchise your company’s name, contact information and service into the psyche of the consumer. The BloomService® brand marketing package creates an exclusive and memorable piece of mental real estate for increasing mind and marketshare for a garden lifestyle retailer or grower. It was designed to connect emotionally with the consumer on every level; and intended to make a company’s brand and marketing efforts infinitely more effective.

The BloomService® trademark, with its vivid imagery association, plays off the ubiquitous “Room Service” phrase embedded in the American vernacular and by definition conveys promise, personality and performance. BloomService® rises above the clutter by offering a clear and compelling brand promise. It’s “service with a smile.” When you consider the word “Bloom” with all of its positive connotations and “Service,” one of the most universal and influential words in any business, BloomService® sends a powerful message that is positively memorable.

The rare and definitive global toll-free vanity number 1-800-IN-BLOOM rivals 1-800-FLOWERS iconic number and exemplifies the abundant virtues of the expression, “In Bloom,” broadcasting that your brand is flourishing, growing, vital and healthy. The galvanizing tagline and/or loyalty program, The Floral Majority®, fosters a vital sense of community and cleverly suggests a company that is, or is destined to be, the dominant player in the $19 billion garden lifestyle industry. The matching domains further bolster the brand’s service proposition.

The consumer-centric BloomService® name is also ideal for a complete line of proprietary products: anything from a collection of branded flowers & plants, to fertilizers and bloom enhancers, to gardening tools, even garden décor and accessories. What better name than BloomService® to communicate that your brand caters to your customers every desire by delivering something of quality that enriches their lives? And if you’re looking to appeal to eco-conscious consumers, BloomService® is the obvious choice. Is there a greater service to the planet than being green? The beauty of the BloomService® properties is in their flexibility; their possible uses are only limited by your imagination.

A company looking to ignite the market and catapult their brand into a household name couldn’t do better than to bestow the BloomService® properties upon their organization. BloomService® is an incomparable branding package that can jump start a new brand, retool an existing brand, and create corporate culture – it can be tailored to suit and work for a grower as easily as it can a chain of retail nurseries, flower shops and/or a garden lifestyle retailer – affecting an entire organization and changing the face of the garden marketplace as we know it.

So if you want to boldly corner the market and gain an equity position in the minds of consumers, we’ve got your number…and name! Read on to learn what owning these dynamic marketing properties can do for you and your business.


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